Precision Farming

Farm Development Projects

Provides landowners and agri-entrepreneurs the opportunity to unlock their land’s potential. We provide services and comprehensive solutions that determine the features of their land and provide insight on how to optimize its agricultural productivity. Furthermore, our services help connect landowners to potential investors.

Plans For Everyone

Startup Plan

The Startup Plan includes an assessment of the general characteristics of your land and a report that rates potential farm lands according to five key parameters that are critical to any agricultural venture.

Cultivate Plan

The Cultivate Plan is a feasibility study that allows you to discover the full potential of your land. It provides a list of suggested crops and other potential farming activities that best suit the features of your land.

Harvest Plan

The Harvest Plan includes a full implementation report that allows you to structure the development of your land. We also facilitate linkages between partners and investors and provide avenues to establish a robust supply chain. We can also help you find a suitable marketplace for your farm’s produce.

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